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             We are happy to provide you with hours of handspinning pleasure as you experience the wide

             range of fibers produced here on the farm and imported from the finest international markets!    

             From our own Finnsheep, Lincolns, and Finn-Lincoln sheep    


                  Raw Finn Fleece

             Available in white and natural colored! Some fleeces are covered, but we strive to provide the

             cleanest possible fleece for handspinning.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  

                White:   $8.00/lb             Natural Colored: $8.00/lb


              Felting Batts

               natural colors;  White and colored 24.00/lb  


        Finn Roving and batts are currently out of stock. Will be available May 15th

                  Finn Rovings

              Dark brown and white are usually available, but we often have light chocolate brown, silver gray

              and dark charcoal gray.  New dyed rovings are on their way and will be available soon.     

                  Finn roving:  $12.50/8oz


              Finn-Mohair Roving:  $23.00/lb



                   Dyed Top


                   Apple Rose                     Golden Harvest             Mountain Mist                Summer Lake

                    Dyed Finn Top 13.50/4oz              Dyed Kid Mohair $4.50/oz





             Exotic Fibers

             The fibers in this section are all prepared as combed tops.  This is the finest preparation

              available.  After fibers have been carded into roving, they are further processed by wool

              combing, removing any remaining vegetable matter and aligning fibers for worsted spinning. 

             Most are very fine and lustrous.  Theses tops can be more difficult to spin from the tips as a

             worsted.  For more control, try drafting from the side of the top.


             Silk and Silk Blends

                Camel Down-Silk 50-50     

                                        $6.25/oz                                                     $

                      Tussah Silk Top   $6.00/oz  



             Cashmere, Cashgora, and Camel


             Baby Camel Down       




             Black Alpaca            White Alpaca

              $2.25/oz                                      $2.75/oz


              European Sheep Breeds

              Falkland Island Icelandic:               Black Welsh Mountain


             Blue-Faced Leicester